CETA/ACTE Membership

  1. STAY INFORMED: Keep updated and informed on issues that pertain to embryo transfer

  2. RECEIVE OUR NEWSLETTER: All members receive the CETA/ACTE newsletter. The newsletter provides current industry updates, supplier information from advertising, upcoming continuing education opportunities and classified advertisements.

  3. ACCESS CONVENTION PROCEEDINGS: The proceedings from the Annual Scientific Convention are posted on the CETA/ACTE web site on the 'members only' page. All members are given access to the 'members only' page.

  4. ACCESS THE TECH TALK PROGRAM: All members can receive and participate in our Tech Talk program. The 'Tech Talk Program' is an interactive notepad used to pose technical embryo transfer questions, results of clinical trials or comments that are then distributed to the participants via email. Past Tech Talk discussions are posted on the "Tech Talk" page on the CETA/ACTE web site. All members are given access to the 'Tech Talk' page.

  5. ATTEND THE ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC CONVENTION: The annual convention is a 'Continuing Education' opportunity as well as a chance to meet with veterinarians and others who share similar interests. The scientific sessions focus on embryo transfer and large animal reproduction. You also have the opportunity to visit with our exhibitors. All members can register at the membership rate.


Those actively working in embryo transfer or interested in embryo transfer would be eligible to apply for membership. The CETA/ACTE Board of Directors must review and approve all received membership applications. The levels of membership include:

  1. FULL MEMBERSHIP: Available to a company or individual actively working in embryo transfer in Canada (Commercial or Research), with company membership including one named person. Full members of CETA/ACTE have voting privileges and have full privileges on products and services supplied by CETA/ACTE.

  2. AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP: Available to a company, individual, partnership, corporation, association or branch of government that: (a) is not active in the Embryo Transfer industry in Canada or (b) resides and/or works in a country other than Canada or (c) is a technician who is working with a veterinarian in Canada. Such affiliate members may sit on committees, attend meetings and receive newsletters but do not have full privileges accorded to full members on products and services supplied by CETA/ACTE and do not have voting privileges.

  3. STUDENT MEMBERSHIP: Must be a full time student at a recognized college or university and have all privileges of an affiliate membership.

CETA/ACTE Membership Application (English / French)
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